Update on Olivia

Adopted January 2012

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Dog’s Former Name:    

What’s your favorite thing about your dog?
She’s such a good snuggler! She can’t wait to jump in the bed every morning. She’s the sweetest pup and so full of love.

What are your dog’s favorite activities?   
She loves sunbathing! Chewing on her bones, playing with her kong, wrestling with Dad, running around the yard, going on walks, and snuggling in the morning!

What reactions do you get from people about owning a pit bull?
Most people are positive and say that it’s too bad that pit bulls get such a bad reputation. Once they spend a little time with Olivia, people tend to fall in love with her!

Does your dog have any nicknames?   
O’schmivs, Schmivbull, Lovie, Piggy

Submitted by Luke and Angela K.


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