Woofstock 2014

What a way to celebrate the end of summer!
We had an amazing day at Linden Hills Woofstock on Saturday, September 6. Event organizers brought together a great assortment of rescue groups, pet vendors, music, activities and fun for the whole family. Hundreds of people came through the Save-a-Bull tent to meet some of our adoptable dogs:

The dogs had a great time meeting each other and new people:
Dogs1 Dogs2

And our volunteers lent a hand at the Woofstock Dog Wash to earn donations while Sidewalk Dog sold “Pee on It” tshirts with a portion of sales also benefiting Save-a-Bull Rescue:

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth to say hi and show support. Come and see us – and our dogs – again next Saturday, September 13 at the Minneapolis Farmers Market Annex for another fun event!

Rescue Dog Gives Back

04APR 42_Borgen-148Diesel is a 5 year old pit bull who is featured in the 2015 Save-a-Bull calendar in April. He is a registered therapy dog who enjoys visiting schools and having kids read stories to him. His owner, Kim Borgan, shares this remarkable story:

“We were called to a particular school because a first grader there had not made any attempts at communicating while in school. They call this behavior “selective mute” and it’s not as rare as I initially thought. Their hope, with weekly work with Diesel, was that the little girl would start talking by the end of the school year.

Diesel felt a little pressure but he was up for the challenge. By the end of the first day, she started pointing at dogs in the stories I was reading (which is more communication than she had previously made). When we reported for our second day, she immediately sat down next to Diesel and started mouthing words (no whispering yet but still progress). After I read a few pages, there was a dog in the book that she pointed to and actually audibly said “Diesel Dog.”

From that point on, she started to gradually talk more and more in school. At first, she would only talk when Diesel was in the room, but we gradually started having her work with her teachers while Diesel was there in hopes she would talk even when he wasn’t there. It worked. By the end of the school year, she got up in front of her entire class and showed off Diesel’s tricks – she even read a book to everyone!

The little girl still struggles a little with speaking in school but never when Diesel is in the room with her. Her confidence around him is truly remarkable and the bond between them will forever be held in my heart.”

Diesel was a rescue through Animal Ark Shelter and he proves how important it is to give a dog a second chance through adoption. Kim’s adoption of Diesel changed his life, and in turn Diesel is making a life-changing impact on others as well.

Great job Kim and Diesel!

Photo © Tangerine House of Design