Our Team

Save-a-Bull Rescue is managed and operated by dedicated unpaid volunteers who care deeply about helping dogs. Our executive team are also volunteers who provide leadership and direction to the rescue.


Jake and Lacy Schramm
Our personal mission is to show the world that pit bulls are wonderful dogs and match them with wonderful families. Pit bulls appeared to be the perfect match for our family after researching dog breeds. We wanted a dog that would get us out for daily walks but lounge around the house with us most of the day. Since a few of our friends had wonderful pit bulls we decided to adopt Lola, a pit bull mix, in 2008. When it was time to add a second dog to the family, a friend suggested fostering first, so we chose Save-a-Bull Rescue.

Fostering became a way of life and over 20 foster dogs spent time in our home before we finally found our second dog, Winslow, in early 2012. Together, Lola and Winslow continue to socialize new foster dogs. Our role in the rescue changed in late 2012 when SAB Founder, Tahlia, moved out of state.

Pit bull rescue is rewarding but not without its challenges. We volunteer our time to save dogs, but it is more than that. We strive to make our community a better place, one dog, one family at a time.
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Stephanie Ell
Foster Manager
Stephanie has been working in dog rescue since 2010. Along with her husband and three kids they fostered many dogs and finally “failed” and adopted Annie. Their home was now complete with three dogs and a cat. However, she was not done with rescue. In late 2012 Stephanie made the leap to Save-a-Bull Rescue to become our Foster Manager.
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Gina Berthuiame

Adoption Manager
Gina’s love for animals started when she was just a little girl having grown up with dogs her entire life. Her family first adopted Sven in December 2009 and fell in love with the bully breed. They began fostering in 2010 for Save-a-Bull and Gina started working with the rescue as the Adoption Manager early 2012. They finally foster failed with their last foster Nancy in June 2012.
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Mackenzie Miller1185891_10100598170219520_1712426223_n
Intake and Content Manager
Mackenzie began her rescue journey in late 2010 while she and her husband were looking to add another dog into their household. Through working with an all breed rescue she began learning more and developing a love for pit bulls. She knew there was more to be done locally with this wonderful and misunderstood breed which led her to Save-a-Bull Rescue in late 2012. Mackenzie processes intake for the rescue and maintains all the “dog” content at saveabullmn.com and on Facebook.
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Nan HildebrandtNanStella
Events Manager
Nan has been working in rescue since 2009 when she and her husband adopted their first pit bull, Stella. A graphic designer, marketing and events professional, Nan puts her skills to work for the betterment of pit bulls’ reputations by producing and managing fundraisers, events, merchandise, marketing and communications for Save-a-Bull Rescue. Nan fostered a string of adorable pit bull puppies before failing with the latest addition to her family, a chubby puppy named Winnie.
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Danielle FleenorDanielle
Volunteer Manager
Danielle began fostering dogs in late 2011. She was looking to “foster fail” and waited until her second foster before doing so. Even though she fostered for an all-breed rescue, Danielle has always felt a pull to do more for pit bulls especially locally and made the move over to Save-a-Bull. She ended up foster failing again with her second dog, Kelsey. She is both an active foster and our Volunteer Manager.
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Tahlia Mills
Tahlia Mills’ love of dogs led her to work as a veterinary assistant during high school. It was during that time, she met her first pit bull, Rosie. Tahlia had always feared pit bulls based on what she had seen on the news, but meeting Rosie changed her perceptions. Shortly thereafter, Tahlia dedicated her life to teaching others how incredibly wonderful these dogs can be.

While in college, Tahlia began working with a local Twin Cities rescue organization as a foster home. With this organization she successfully fostered over 100 dogs. However, one foster dog, Evelyn, stole her heart. Evelyn was a damaged pit bull that suffered from severe abuse. Working to rehabilitate Evie through two surgeries, the two formed an unbreakable bond. Tahlia’s determination to fight the injustice to this breed was born.

In 2008 Tahlia opened the doors to her own rescue, Save-A-Bull, and the work continued. The rescue typically placed over 100 dogs a year into loving, caring and forever homes.YellowRule