Pet of the Week: Meet Misty!

Misty POTW

Meet Misty! She’s just over a year old, and her foster family describes her as curious, energetic, and very loving! She lives with a resident male pit mix and loves to play with him and follow him around. Her full bio can be found online here. Check her out at an upcoming event or complete an adoption application to meet her!

Update on Whisper

Adopted February 2014

Dog’s Former Name:    

What’s your favorite thing about your dog?
How funny she is! She is so wild and hyper, she makes us laugh . Everyone says she’s
like a cartoon dog, she’s all over the place. But when she’s calm she is so cuddling and sweet. She is super smart too. We taught her how to shake with both paws in two days!

What are your dog’s favorite activities?   
She loves to be in between us no matter what we’re doing. She wants to be in the middle of everything. Loves to fetch tennis balls and frisbies. The “drop” part we are still working on.

What reactions do you get from people about owning a pit bull?
People look scared at first, but then once she meets them and is all loving, she gets great reactions. People love her!

Does your dog have any nicknames?   
Whisper Kitty, Whispering Biscuits and Sweet Baby

Submitted by Deborah S. & Michael S.


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